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Residential & Commercial Painting

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Whether you are future-proofing your house, doing a total tidy up of your factory walls and floors or refreshing a zone, be it the bathroom, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, office or lunchroom, John Davies Painting can assist.

Our Residential Services include ...


Interior Painting


We have Proven Painting Systems and Practices which is Part of our work Schedules. We can assist with your interior decorating project, providing advice on choosing colours and paint finishes. With all the major paint brands available to us we are able to work to any colour scheme and product preference.


Our painting team are highly skilled and trustworthy professionals who will work with you to complete the project with the minimum disruption to your household. We believe that protection of the work zones with drop sheets and plastic is paramount when carrying out interior projects as is communication so we can work together for a perfect outcome.

Exterior Painting

We have the experience and equipment for all exterior painting projects, large or small. We have the equipment to paint single storey homes through to large multi-storey homes and those with difficult access - contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We have highly skilled contractors for Water blasting and Scaffold erection if required.

Our team understand that different surfaces require different applications and believe that surface preparation is paramount and will make or break your paint job - it is rarely the paint the fails but rather how the paint adheres to the surface below. We will advise you on your best option, whether it either Chem wash or Soft wash or Paint stripping. Certain products applied correctly can have a 5-15 year product warranty if correct maintenance is adhered.

View some of our repair work on our facebook link which we have carried out with the use of Router with products Repair Care Dryflex 4 and Timbabuild Ebh 4 phone 0274263639 for us to view and advise what is possible to be repaired.


Roof Painting

Leave your roof in our capable hands.Preparing, inspection and maintenance are part and parcel of our roof painting process. Our professional team will ensure correct cleaning, inspection, renewal of nails, screws cleaning of rust and priming are completed prior to applying a Premium Topcoat paint by spray.

Remember all our work carries a written FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE on LABOUR and MATERIALS. 

Commercial Services

We specialise in refurbishment and specialised finishes.

We have been involved with many rebranding projects in the greater Auckland area including 2 Degrees, Telecom, Lotto, Fuji Xerox, Streets, Les Mills and many other businesses upgrading their image.

Working with one of New Zealand’s greatest sign design companies, Big Ideas Group has allowed us to be involved with painting many buildings prior to the Graphic Rebranding of all the above businesses.

Our services include:

Interior Painting

We offer:
  • A day/night service to minimise disruption to your workplace - we can work around your working hours.
  • Eco-friendly products, Proven and Sustainable work Practices Delivering very High Standards.
  • Registered MASTER PAINTERS no.2345 with it's GUARANTEE benefits.
  • We are FULLY INSURED. 

Exterior Painting

With our team of highly skilled contractors we are able to undertake your commercial projects in the greater Auckland area. We have specialists in Scaffold erecting, Concrete floor grinding, Waterblasting, Acid washing and Wall preparation and have specialised equipment availability including Scissor and Boomlifts.

Graffiti Protection

We have an increasing demand for graffiti removal and protection. We apply a User Friendly Two Pot System where colour can be added which is a Two in One Product.If Graffiti occurs just Spray and Wipe with the correct removal agent.

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